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Udo Beyer
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Udo Beyer (born August 9, 1955) is a former East German track and field athlete who competed in the shot put.Beyer is the oldest of the six children of heating mechanic Hans-Georg Beyer and his wife Eva-Marie and was born in Stalinstadt, today Eisenhüttenstadt. He grew up in Breslack, (today the municipality of Neißemünde), and in Eisenhüttenstadt. Like all of his siblings, he played handball at the local sport club. He was a member of the team representing the district in Frankfurt where he became a successful goalkeeper. On the advice of his father he decided to pursue a sporting career, concentrating on athletics. After the youth tournament in 1969, he changed to the youth sports school in Frankfurt (Oder), where he earned his Abitur. At the same time he became a member of ASK Vorwärts Frankfurt.

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